Lease of Unit for the Provision of a Café in Lot No 10951 (FW Residence) in Hulhumalé

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Housing Development Corporation (Lessor) is seeking interested parties for the lease of a unit for the provision of a Café. The selected party (Lessee) will be responsible for the design and operation of the unit for the duration of lease term as per the guidelines set forth by HDC. The operation of the unit includes but not limit to management, administration, supervision and maintenance of the unit.

Posted on 01 Jun 2022

Last updated on 04 Jul 2022

Invitation of Proposal No. HDC (161)-MKS/IU/2022/233

Status: Bid Opening

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14 Jun 2022, 09:00hrs

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19 Jun 2022, 14:00hrs

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04 Jul 2022, 13:00hrs

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04 Jul 2022, 14:00hrs

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